Why don't we all move to La Mancha and change the world

Paul B. Farrell of Marketwatch bemoans the charade known as political reform of the financial markets: Obama is now Wall Street's best asset, their new Trojan Horse replacing Hank Paulson, a troika with Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner. Wall Street always gets what it wants.And you can bet they'll cough up yet another $400 million keeping lawyers and lobbyists busy fighting SEC regulations, to make sure its back to business-as-usual with free-market Reaganomics capitalism. Spending $400 million is chump change compared to the hundreds of billions Wall Street gets cheap from the Treasury and Fed, by playing us taxpayers for suckers after screwing up the economy and triggering the 2008 meltdown. Farrell's advice appears to be to accept and enjoy the status quo:1. Accept that Wall Street money calls the shots in Washington. Period!2. Accept that population is a ticking time-bomb set for 2050 3. Accept that commodities growth rate lags population demand4. Accept the same...(Read Full Post)