What's the difference if it's for security reasons?

I happened to catch country curmudgeon, Earl Pitt's, a real Uhmerikun, daily editorial on the radio this afternoon and chuckled while Earl, in his overdone redneck shtick, took on all "them dope-smokin' sissies" at ACLU and other liberals who are outraged over the utter indignity Arizona Latinos will be subjected to under the terms of the new law governing illegal aliens. With a down-home delivery Dan Rather must truly covet, Earl made the very valid point that being stopped by the police and asked for identification exposes one to far less indignity than the average air traveler undergoes as a matter of routine. Arizona police aren't going to make every Latino take off his shoes, empty his pockets and walk through a metal detector. They won't be examining the contents of his vehicle or bags. They won't be making him pass through an x-ray machine and cracking wise at his endowment or lack thereof. Nope, they're just going to ask to see his identification, an indignity...(Read Full Post)