UN Ambassador Susan Rice - another failure

America's Ambassador to the United Nations has been a failure. Perhaps, Susan Rice should spend less time career-climbing in DC to replace Hillary Clinton (she has been "wildly inattentive" according to the non-partisan The Hill magazine) and more time doing her job.  Rice and the US were AWOL when it came to the vote to allow Libya onto the UN Human Rights Council; was nowhere to be found when Iran was given a seat on the Women's Rights commission; and was AWOL in a Sec Council Resolution that condemned Israel (the first time such as Security Council resolution was not vetoed by America). She promised to reform the UN Human Rights Council when controversy arose from pro-Israel supporters over our joining the Council-that has not happened either. Now Rice has allowed the Sanctions Resolution regarding Iran to contain a huge loophole: it allows Russia and others to supply Iran with surface to air missiles. Jennifer Rubin in Commentary: A draft U.N. resolution...(Read Full Post)