Tolerance for me but not for thee

Portland is a proud city. One of the things it's proudest of is its tolerance for different life styles. It's the reason so many outsiders move here. Some years ago, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that full nudity and lap dancing are constitutional. As a result, the city hosts the World Naked Bike Ride, which the Court called "a well established tradition in Portland." The City of Roses is also the City of Strippers, with more strip clubs per capita than San Francisco and Las Vegas. If you are gay, lesbian, or transgendered, you're accepted in Portland. Straight couples, married to each or not, are accepted. Single moms and single dads are accepted. Interracial couples and their children are accepted. Jews are accepted. Muslims are accepted. People of color are accepted. Liberals and libertarians are accepted. Atheists and agnostics are accepted. Even Californians are now accepted. Portlanders voted for Barack Obama by a wide margin and helped him become America's first...(Read Full Post)