Tea Party Music: Tea Are The World!

I got the idea while traveling and performing nationally on Tea Party Express Tour II. At rallies in every city, conservative musical artists gave me their CDs. Singer/songwriters emailed their songs; all understandably proclaiming theirs to be the greatest tea party song ever written. I loved the ones who gave me a sheet of lyrics with their permission for me to create a melody, invest time and funds hiring musicians and studio time to produce their song with a promise of sharing the millions made from the sale of their "sure hit". However, I have heard excellent songs from relatively unknown conservative bands and individual artists; each wanting to travel on the Tea Party Express and/or participate in the Tea Party Movement.Thus, my idea/solution. To symbolize the diversity, unity and "We The People" aspect of our incredible Tea Party Movement, what if unknown and famous conservative musical artists came together to record a song for a great cause in the style...(Read Full Post)