Stoking the fires of conspiracy

Americans once loved nothing more than a good fight. But times have changed and our scrappiness has surrendered to a love of conspiracy. Examples are myriad. Reagan cut a deal with Iran's revolutionary government to detain American hostages until after the 1980 election. Neill Armstrong walked on a movie set and the Illuminati stores space aliens in cryogenic chambers at Area 51. Michael Jackson, Elvis Pressley, Timothy McVeigh and Adolf Hitler are alive and members of the bowling league in Dubuque, Iowa. There are "truthers" and "birthers" and neo-green earth-firsters, with the Kennedy assassination trumping them all. There's little that spurs America's imagination like a good conspiracy. So why not stoke the fire? Isn't it odd for a state-of-the-art oil platform to explode at this particular time? Less than a month after President Obama pandered to the country and alienated his base with promises of offshore oil exploration there's an oil disaster of epic...(Read Full Post)