Scary government ad of the day

Where was Big Brother when he was needed? The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has a controversial ad strongly advising residents to pay their back due taxes now(!) during a 54 day amnesty program with penalties waived and interest halved

If not, an ominous voiceover warns "Listen, Tom, we can make this easy. Tom, we do know who you are." Emphasizing the message a caption pops up on the screen, "Find us before we find you" as a satellite image zeroes in on Tom's house.

Uhm, if they know who you are, where you are why is the Pennsylvania government spending taxpayer money advertising for them? Why not send a nice message via the postal service?

Sure, we should all pay our taxes. Even Pennsylvania state, city and other government employees. And federal employees too. So, I'm sure Pennsylvania's Revenue Department will happily loan their collecting expertise to the Internal Revenue Service (oops, Treasury Department) to catch tax cheats - like the head of the Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner, and others working for the federal government..

You know, such notorious lax tax payers such as Rep Charles Rangel (D-NY) and former Senator and Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) who think/thought nothing of advocating projects funded with your tax money--not theirs'.

Inspired, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will turn to the Census Department who can't seem to find people, what with glitchy computers and people who don't respond to a simple postal reply. And then on to the borders, where the government will find you, know who you are--and provide you with free welfare and education if you're here illegally courtesy of the suckers who legally pay their taxes. And as for others fraudulently draining the government redistribution pot o'gold, hey, this program is only available to catch those who earn too much.

So pay up suckers!

hat tip: Seth J. Corey