Saving the Toadies from a Frog-Strangler

Didn't anyone but me find it remarkable that Barack Obama is so confident of the sucking up coverage of MSNBC that he feels perfectly comfortable openly ridiculing their tongue-hanging, tail-wagging, canine worship? If the media thinks they are ingratiating themselves with the Left by their biased, partisan reporting, Obama's little joke should have made the more aware among them squirm a bit in their seats and perhaps a few of the more learned to consider Wilde's "He has no enemies but is intensely disliked by his friends."

A lesson that sycophants never seem to learn is that those whose butts they kiss  have nothing but contempt for them. Just as the old hard-liner Stalinists used to refer scornfully to sympathetic enablers in the West as useful idiots, Democrats and lefties, have no respect for media toadies. They have made themselves predictable and therefore worthy of minimal regard.

In fact, the mainstream media should be grateful for the conservative rebound now occurring. If the left wing of the Democrat party had been able to follow-up on their 2008 victories with more of the same in the 2010 mid-terms, enabling them to expand and consolidate their power in Washington, they would have had little need for the bootlicking brownnosers in the press who empowered their triumphs.

Then we might well have seen the true attitude of the true left towards true free speech. My strong suspicion is that it would not have boded well for their liberal media running dogs. Of course the networks and the press would still be spouting the same, lame, leftist pap, but with the major difference being that they would no longer be doing so at their own behest but because it was the dictate of their Democrat masters. Or as Jane Austen put it, "You have delighted us long enough."

What really hurts is the thought that by winning in November we actually may be saving the sorry butts of the likes of Olbermann, Maddow and Matthews. Talk about unintended consequences! We conservatives are going to save these media toadies from a wave of leftist oppression, a real frog-strangler.

Go figure...