Pretty in pink; Hitler back in style?

Is it possible that we now live in a world where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are dismissed as evil slave owners, but history's most infamous mass murderers are back in fashion?

For many years the socialist indoctrination organ of the party (the public school system) has been painting our founding fathers as immoral racists. The subtle logic employed is that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are thus tainted and lacking in moral relevance. Meanwhile the true monsters of history are enjoying a disturbing renaissance.

Last year key Obama advisor Anita Dunn admitted that Mao Zedong was one of her all-time favorite political philosophers, a sentiment quietly shared by others in the regime. The party and their fellow travelers in the MSM generally ignored the story and then seemed amazed at the public outrage when the New Media provided coverage.

Earlier this month The Moscow Times reported that a.

...2 ½ meter monument, showing Stalin from the waist up on a granite block, was unveiled this week near the regional Communist Party office in the mainly Russian speaking city of Zaporizhya in eastern Ukraine.


The statue, the first public monument to Stalin in decades, was cast at the initiative of local Communists, financed by donations from war veterans and set up on private land.

That wasn't the only Stalin sighting this month, Pravda reports that large posters depicting comrade Stalin adorned Red Square as part of the 65th anniversary of the allied victory over Germany in World War II.

The mayor of Moscow, Yuri Lujko...member of the United Russia party in power, decided to place the illustrations as part of the march to celebrate the historic date: ten large panels with images of Stalin, leader of the country when the German's were beaten.

This week the UK Telegraph uncovered yet another sign that the world has truly gone mad as an Italian clothing company, Cambia Style is using Hitler as their new pitchman.

The 18ft high posters of the Nazi leader advertise a line of clothing for young people and adorn street corners and bus stops in Palermo, Sicily's biggest city.

The ads show the Fuhrer in a lurid pink uniform, with his swastika armband replaced with one bearing a bright red heart, above the slogan "Change Style-Don't Follow Your Leader."

Not surprisingly many Palermo citizens are outraged and offended to see posters of Hitler in their city with many strategically placed near their schools.

Impressionable locals will now have to brace themselves for a fresh affront-the company plans to bring out a new poster campaign in the next few weeks featuring Mao Tse Tung.

Has the world gone mad?

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