Nobel Laureate Foreign Policy

It is difficult to determine which foreign policy fiasco is our Nobel Laureate's greatest achievement. Here is a quote from Ken Blackwell, a fellow at the National Academy of Public Administration and the Family Research Council:

It would be hard to say which specific foreign policy of the Obama administration is worst. Iran sanctions? Russian relations? Attacks on Israel for Jewish settlements in Jerusalem? Trashing the special relationship with Britain? Insulting the Canadians in their own capital? Failure to secure the border with Mexico? We have an entire menu of foreign policy disasters to consider.

It is likely that other international blunders will provide additional contenders for the title of Stupidest Foreign Policy Achievement. Perhaps every 500 days the contest can be re-run, with prizes awarded for each time segment. 

Naw, the idea probably doesn't make sense. American does not reward incompetence, does it? Besides, with this level of incompetence, how many more 500 day periods does the world have.

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