Palin advises girls team to 'go rogue'

"Go rogue! Go!" That's what former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (R) advised the Highland Park, Illinois High School girls' championship basketball team to do while speaking to an enthusiastic crowd about 20 miles equidistant from President Barack Obama's (D) Chicago home and Highland Park.

The team's self funded trip to compete in a tournament was single handedly canceled

by an assistant superintendent without any input from parents, coaches, other school personnel or even the girls themselves.

"Them are fightin' words when you say a girl can't play in the basketball tournament ... for political reasons ... so we're going to see about that," Palin said.


"I said, ‘Wait, I thought it was already a crime for an illegal alien [to be here]," Palin said to raucous cheers at the Rosemont Theatre.

The issue was dear and near to former high school basketball star Palin, who commented

"Everything I ever needed to know, I learned on the Basketball Court: self-discipline, setting goals, teamwork, responsibility." She later added: "faith."

Palin seemed to suggest that by going rogue, not listening to the know it alls which she used as the title of her book, conservatives could help get the team to Arizona, by contributing and/or keeping up the pressure on the school.

As Palin noted, the school is still sponsoring a trip to China. China, you know the country where draconian one child per woman laws spur families to abort female fetuses or abandon girl babies, where women who are pregnant with their second child are forcibly aborted is just fine for a girls team to get passports, to visit.

"You know how they treat girls in China?" Palin said. "It makes no sense. Even if they have to do this on our own. ... If the kids have to ‘Go Rogue' girls."

You go girl(s) !