In support of a National ID

Since the Arizona law was passed concerning illegal aliens and the requirement for them to show they are legal citizens IF they are questioned during lawful contact with police, I have been re-thinking my position on a National ID.

I remember long ago when I was just a kid and my mother registered me for elementary school (no pre-school or the like for us back in the 60s) that she had to bring a copy of my birth certificate to school before they would register me. Like most people back then, my parents thought nothing of this as they saw it as just a way to convince authorities that I indeed was entitled to the free education I was about to receive thanks to the American Tax-payer.

Later in my life I joined the military and had to show my birth certificate to the Government in order to serve. Of course, this allowed me to obtain a military ID which in turn provided me with access to places I normally wouldn't have access to (the base, BX, Commissary, etc.). The catch was that each time I wanted access to those places I had to show my ID (prove that I was authorized to visit those facilities).

Now as a retiree, I still have an ID that I must show each time I visit one of those places. I am required to show it to the Security Police at the base gate, to the ID checker at the BX and again to the cashier when I purchase something. To military and military retirees showing an ID as proof you belong is just all in a day's work and we don't look at it as an inconvenience or a bias towards us. We see it as a matter of pride - I served to obtain this ID and the rights and privileges that come along with this.

I firmly think this is the way Americans should view the requirement for a National ID. It is a privilege to carry an ID proving my American Citizenship and allowing me access to all the benefits that come along with that citizenship. It should be looked upon as a sense of pride when authorities ask for it to show this ID and proudly state - "I am an American citizen" and any who don't have this and aren't willing to obtain it lawfully should be looked upon with disdain, no matter where they come from.

I know that a National ID is a hot topic for many people, especially conservatives who a weary of big brother, but the illegal immigrant issue has brought about a time when it is necessary. We should all be proud to be an American citizen - let's make the National ID something we all want to carry and show proudly!



Steven G. Burns, PMP