Obama's visit to solar panel plant not a boon for workers

Green jobs!  Yes, while the Gulf of Mexico ("that ocean," according to Janet Napolitano) slicks with crude, and a prime contributor to Obama plugs the leak, the president managed to visit California. 

Obama, being a "regular guy," sought to couple his appearance at a $17,000 per/plate fundraiser for Babs Boxer with a next-day, touch-the-people event. Green jobs, created by him, were the buzz, as he graced a solar plant with his presence. 

"California was hit as hard as any state by this whole mortgage crisis and the economic storms that followed," he told nodding sycophants.  "Even this high-tech corridor wasn't immune." 

So incisive.  So wise.  You can't say the above, not with a straight face, and not mention Fannie Mae, the entity responsible for the "meltdown"-yet he did!  His people caused the crisis but facts-do facts matter when you speak this well?  

The company, Solyndra, received in excess of $500 million - a "loan guarantee" -  to make solar panels, so that the energy they produce can be bought and sold at high rates.  Every day, more panels, more jobs, more independence.

Correction.  Not every day.  Due to the logistics of protecting Obama, the firm made a sacrifice.  It shut down.  The guys with jobs stayed home, without pay.  At some point you've made enough

  Greg Halvorson is the founder of Soldiers Without Boots and hosts Freedom Warrior Radio on Blog Talk Radio.