Graph of the Day for May 27, 2010

"The growth in [college and university] support staff included some jobs that did not exist 20 years ago, like environmental sustainability officers and a broad array of information technology workers. The support staff category includes many different jobs, like residential-life staff, admissions and recruitment officers, fund-raisers, loan counselors and all the back-office staff positions responsible for complying with the new regulations and reporting requirements college face."  Tamar Lewin, The New York Times, April 2009. 

Source:  John Uebersax, based on Bureau of Labor and College Board data.

Source:  Carpe Diem blog, Professor Mark Perry.

Hoven's Index for May 27, 2010

Changes in colleges and universities in the last 20 years:

Student enrollment:  +40%

Full-time instructors:  +50%

Managers:  +50%

Full-time support staff:  +100%

Source: The New York Times

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