Kagan's good deed

Thus far we are rightfully questioning Elena Kagan's qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court, but if it's true that a good deed never goes unnoticed, then perhaps there is an explanation for her potential ascension to the nation's highest court. During the announcement for her nomination, Obama introduced Kagan as "his friend". Their relationship reportedly goes back to the early 90's when they were faculty members at the University of Chicago Law School; she was a tenured professor, Obama, a part-time lecturer. In 1995, Kagan left Obama and the world of academia behind to serve as an associate White House counsel for the Clinton Administration, but returned four years later. She resurfaced at Harvard Law, her alma mater, where she was a professor for just four years before then-Harvard President Larry Summers- now Obama's Director of the National Economic Council-named her dean of the law school in 2003-a position she held until 2009. At the time of her...(Read Full Post)