HuffPo blogger proposes 'Department of Information'

The idea of a government "Department of Information" is not new. After all, the Nazis had one. So did the Soviets. All good little dictatorships need one in order to get the "facts" out to the people.HuffPo blogger - brain dead psychologist Jim Taylor - originally came up with the idea as a serious measure to get the "facts" out to the people. And like any enthusiastic authoritarian, he wants the government to determine what the "facts" are: Here is my proposal to return fact-based reality to our national dialogue (note: please don't miss my ironic tone):The federal government should create a Department of Information whose responsibility it is to determine the facts behind any decision that confronts our country. ... Here's the next part of my proposal. Anytime there is a factual dispute, the Department of Information would render a decision on what the facts are. Those parties who come out on the short end of those decisions would...(Read Full Post)