Graph of the Day for May 10, 2010

"US unemployment rate jumps to 5.8 percent... The latest jobless figures go a long way in explaining the Bush administration's insistence on continuing the war in Afghanistan, when by all appearances it should be over..."  World Socialist Website, January 2002.

"290,000 More Jobs, But Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.9%... Even though the rate went up, there is no reason for alarm -- this is mostly due to seasonal adjustment factors and more Americans in the workforce. The important thing is that the labor market recovery continues to trend in the right direction.  Revisions also brought quite good news."  The Atlantic, May 2010.

Source:  Gateway Pundit.  (Also see Innocent Bystanders.)

Number of Jobs (nonfarm)

Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept. of Labor.

Hoven's Index for May 10, 2010

Job gains or losses, January through April, 2010:

Total:  +573,000

Education & Health:  +139,000

Government:  +90,000

Goods Producing:  +62,000

Financial Activities:  -46,000

Construction:  -71,000

Source:  St. Louis Fed/FRED.

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