Aussies more skeptical of climate change

Is the science really settled? To the chagrin of global warmers everywhere, two-thirds of Australians now doubt and/or reject Al Gore's end-of-the-world warming theory.

So, how will Australia look like to Obama on his trip Down Under next month? A recent "global warming" poll conducted by Galaxy Research for the Institute of Public Affairs surveyed 1000 respondents across Australia from 30 April- 2 May 2010, offers some clues:
*35% of Australians believe that "The world is warming and man's emissions
are to blame."

* 26% of Australians believe that "The variation in global temperature is just
part of the natural cycle of nature."

* The largest group, 38% of Australians agreed with the statement that "There
is conflicting evidence and I'm not sure what the truth is."

Simply put? Gore's many energy-intense propaganda trips to Australia appear to have backfired. But there's more bad news for Big Warming. The poll also asked how much respondents would be willing to pay per year to combat climate change:

* Only 6% of people are willing to pay more than $1,000 per year

* 61% of people are unwilling to pay more than $300 per year

* Of the respondents who believe that humans are to blame for global warming, only 12% of them are willing to pay more than $1,000 per year.

If Obama plans to show his culturally sensitive side Down Under, he'll have to accept that many Australians have rejected Big Warming's rigid theory.

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