Graduation Agonistes

I love to share with family and friends the joy of watching their children graduate, but I find myself increasingly refusing to attend or even walking out in the middle of the ceremonies. It's not just that these ceremonies are often physically uncomfortable--one has to dress appropriately and sit on terribly designed folding chairs for a long time in what is often hot, humid weather. That is endurable. What is not, however, is that the speakers seem to all be rather radical posturers who view this not as an opportunity to share some welcome insights on the meaning of the event  and good humor with the assembled guests but rather as yet another opportunity to narcissistically harangue us with their peculiar political outlook.So it was with some good cheer that I read that leftist Danny Glover (why was he chosen anyway?) received some loud boos and open criticism when he refused to put his hand over his heart during the presentation of his nation's flag at Utah State...(Read Full Post)