Good news from the Gulf

The oil leak could be over sooner than the prophets of doom proclaimed. Here is the latest from Fox News ...The dropping of the box is just one of many strategies being pursued to stave off a widespread environmental disaster. BP is drilling sideways into the blown-out well in hopes of plugging it from the bottom. Also, oil company engineers are examining whether the leak could be shut off by sealing it from the top instead. The technique, called a "top kill," would use a tube to shoot mud and concrete directly into the well's blowout preventer, BP spokesman Bill Salvin said. The process would take two to three weeks, compared with the two to three months needed to drill a relief well.Actually the estimate of the time it would take to effect a "top kill" seems overly conservative. One counterintuitive benefit of the leak through the blowout preventer is that is provides a path for the displacement of the incompressible liquids in the well. Pumping "mud and...(Read Full Post)