Global warming follies

I use Yahoo as the home page for my internet browser.  This exposes me to the daily global warming propaganda Yahoo publishes, with correspondingly outrageous, inflammatory headlines.  These types of articles are specifically selected to frighten us into acceding to the pro-warming political forces' demands, including surrendering our freedoms and our prosperity.  The May 5 headline is "Earth Could Become Too Hot for Humans".  Oh, no!  Please make it stop!  We'll do anything you say!  Cap and Trade taxation?  No problem.  Global governance?  If that's what it takes, do it.  Those who stand to gain can't let this manufactured crisis go to waste. The source article was written by Brett Israel, posted on the blog In the piece, climate scientist Matthew Huber was quoted as saying: We found that a warming of 12 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 7 degrees Celsius) would cause some areas of the world to...(Read Full Post)