Free speech at college: 'You can't do that here'

Should the government discipline college students for private, consensual, non-disruptive . . . prayer?  A publicly-funded college has wasted taxpayer dollars fighting for the right to prohibit private prayer. Two years ago, a student prayed with a sick teacher at the College of Alameda, near San Francisco, in a private shared office.  Another teacher couldn't tolerate the obscene sight and interrupted the prayer, angrily demanding, "You can't be doing that in here!"  Not content to let the shocked student simply back away from the surprising verbal assault and return to a friend outside, the teacher physically followed her out to repeat his angry demand.It could have ended there, but it didn't.  The teacher rushed off an email full of misstatements, asking "How can I address this situation without appearing religiously intolerant?"  Without further inquiry, the busy administrator dutifully issued form notices of...(Read Full Post)