Chicago gun ban isn't working

Saturday night was just another warm spring night in Chicago, the city with some of the strictest laws banning guns in the nation. And this is just another Chicago headline typical of the morning after the violent night before.  At least 7 wounded in separate shootingsSo violent that the city is still in mourning for the murder by gun of an off duty cop, recently returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq, in front of his parents' home.  The young veteran, the young policeman, had gone to visit his parents to show them his new motorcycle. Upon leaving he was surrounded by two thugs, one who put a gun to his head, demanding the motorcycle.  The father, a retired cop, brought out his legal gun, ultimately killing one murderer and seriously wounding the other. Two others in a getaway car sped away, dragging the body of the seriously wounded young policema for a short distance.   Although this could never in any way be a...(Read Full Post)