The Baehr Essentials

Good news: A 3rd party leftist is to challenge Dems who did not support health care reform in North Carolina. Bring it on.New ratings in RCP on House and Senate and governors races show continued and decisive movement to the GOP. The last time they made these ratings, there were 44 Democratic held House seats that were solidly Republican, lean Republican, or tossups. Today: 55. If you throw in lean Democratic seats, you get 84 Democratic held seats. Last time: 62. In essence, new seats continue to show up on the list, and seats move from likely Dem to lean Dem, and from Lean Dem to tossup, and from tossup to lean GOP. Very few GOP held seats are in jeopardy (between 3 and 6). Similarly with the Senate, RCP now shows GOP ahead in 6 Democratic held seats, with 3 others as tossups. If all tossups are pushed one way or the other, GOP gains 8 Senate seats to get to 49. In governors races, GOP is plus 4. All of this will enable GOP challengers to do better with fundraising. Cook and...(Read Full Post)