The administration's addiction to power

Progressive diseases happen in stages.  We didn't get to the Goldman-Sachs scandal and the government takeover of the private business sector overnight.  The early stages of the present administration's disease became clear in 2004. 

After sipping the wine of adulation at the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, felt the headiness that accompany the first feelings of power.  When 2008 came, and his bid for the presidential election started progressing, Obama and company, rigged the super delegate voting in Florida and Michigan to throw Hillary under the bus, thereby clearing the field for his takeover. Then President Obama waltzed into the White House. 

Within fifteen months of taking office, the president has pushed our country to the edge of an economic precipice, yet, when asked why he takes unsound steps, he laughs it off, and says conservatives are deluded because we listen to crackpots like Limbaugh and Beck.

A friend of a friend once related her story of her alcoholic husband.  She had left her him many times, temporarily, only to return and hope for things to get better.  One day she got a call from him after a period of separation, and she went to his apartment to see him, probably thinking he was reforming.  He opened the door, she walked in, he was drunk, and she saw a bottle of booze on the kitchen counter.  She asked him if he was drunk.  He said no, and that the bottle of booze belonged to a friend of his.  Alas, she woke up to reality, and left him for good.  

The present administration is drunk in public with no sense of embarrassment, or consideration of consequences.  Obama famously proclaimed that his administration would be the most transparent of all time.  He wasn't lying.  He and his leftist America haters have been clearly taking over all aspects of American society. 

The steamroller of intentional economic collapse just keeps on chugging along.  Last month it was Obamacare; presently, it's the financial reform bill.  Next month it's immigration reform, then cap and trade-that about wraps it up.  Government controlled health care, education, banks, insurance companies, energy, and open borders with a slap on the wrist for twenty million illegal aliens.

Why aren't are our elected officials in D.C. slamming on the brakes?  Republican senators are talking about passing pieces and sections of the finance reform bill.  They still don't get it.  Every one of the Republicans must resist all proposals put out by this leftist regime.  They cannot compromise, pick and choose, or otherwise go along with plans which seek to undermine the liberty of this great nation.

For example, Obama is going after Sen. Scott Brown to change his stance on finance and immigration reform.  Brown's vote has become a must-have for the administration.  From the Wall Street Journal blog:

President Barack Obama called Massachusetts' new Republican senator, Scott Brown, from Air Force One today to deliver some news: Democrats are moving forward with an immigration overhaul in a month.

Brown, in an interview with the Journal's Neil King Jr., said the president was giving him a heads-up that immigration was coming down the pike and he should give it some serious thought. The senator promised to look closely at the bipartisan bill that Sens. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) and Charles Schumer (D., N.Y.) are trying to produce.

If there is anyone left on Capitol Hill who has an ounce of guts and a handle on what's really happening to our country, will he or she please stand up, create a coalition, and stop the madmen at the top. 

Unfortunately, in this environment of mass addiction for power by a leftist regime, the only people who are in danger of hitting bottom are law-abiding citizen patriots.  Until honest, healthy people including elected officials say "no more," the addicts will continue to pull the strings.