Save the earth! Tax volcanoes

Have you hugged your planet today? No? Well if you live on Planet Earth you should. Why? Because today is not only Earth Day it is its 40th anniversary. Not so coincidentally today is also V.I. Lenin's birthday, the force behind the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the founding dictator of the late, oh so unlamented Soviet Union.

According to Earth Day proponents, Earth, the home planet for most of us, is very sensitive so if you don't acknowledge its special day it just might er...blow up. And why is it blowing up and quaking? Besides President George W. Bush - God, Mother Nature, Krishna, Zeus and a host of others did not sign the Kyoto Treaty to protect the Earth by lowering carbon emissions. And so Planet Earth struck back. However the original 15 nations of the European Union did sign the treaty. Is that why they're covered with Icelandic volcanic ash?

Meanwhile, mourn the victims of recent earthquakes in China, Haiti, Chile and now Samoa while hoping that Iran doesn't ruin our shared planet as it celebrates Earth Day with massive war games. And developing nukes.

But cash/tax rebates for energy inefficient appliances and clunker cars will save the Earth. Well, won't they?