Revisiting a visionary's caveat from 2008

There is good reason to revisit the prescient writings of Jeff Gold of the now defunct website because he wrote about Obama during the 2008 elections, and his insights are truer today than when he wrote them.  Here's a sampling of his thoughts from Fear. Elections. Change. Power. Force.

It will not be a social movement capable or even interested in the country's national interests and political imperatives. No. It was from its inception, and will be till its death, a movement based on verbiage and rhetoric, dissimulating its intention to make this country represent what those who have hated it, want it to represent. It is a movement which rejects everything America has ever been, because it's run by the disconnected, with the intention of disconnecting.

Obama is the face of a new fascist force in global politics. A face, without which it could never have risen.


The Obama social movement, is perhaps a coagulated form of various strands of anti-Americanism of the last 100 years. All the way from minority resentment and socialism, to third-Worldism and Islamism. As such, it is a movement, which is contradictory to the likes of Martin Luther King, or similar staunch pro-American reformers.


Official Republican party fear - at the highest level of the GOP, Karl Rove convened a meeting with leading academicians and scholars to discuss the role of race in this year's election. It was then that the Party formulated a hands-off approach to anything related to Race.


Media deterioration. Fox was Out-foxed by ten other foxes. It didn't stand a chance...The media are a pillar of a Free Society, and with Obama, this is a Pillar, which no longer stands.

Gold touched on every issue we are dealing with today.  From the president's disconnection to the American people; to the various strains of anti-Americanism including Islam; to the Republicans' apprehension in standing up to him; to the media bias in favor of Obama, and its neglect in reporting the truth about this serial liar. 

At the end of the article:

With America's fall, comes the fall of the Western Democratic tradition, of Democracy, and the West. Europe is already blindly following in America's wake- even more militant Socialist and left-wing parties demand their own Obama on the same Affirmative Action grounds, with absolute disregard for Democratic tradition, and soft institutions.

Gold's final remarks, although defeatist, predicted the type of candidates running for office in Europe today.  See AT article by Thomas Lifson on the radical Nick Clegg in England who appears to be worse than Obama, if that's possible.

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