America's enemies testing our resolve

America's enemies are upping the ante. Tests are getting more and more violent out there.

Example number one . North Korea torpedoes a South Korean warship in international waters, killing 46 South Korean naval personnel. This should have triggered an immediate, decisive, military response by the United States as guarantor of South Korea's security but no response has been forthcoming despite the event having taken place over a month ago.

North Korea has certainly taken notice. Attacks by the North Koreans on South Korea will increase in frequency and severity because North Korea now knows that the U.S. will not use it's military to stop them or allow the South Koreans to respond in kind.

Example number two. On April 23 an Iranian naval vessel stopped French and Italian ships in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz. If these actions continue the free transit of ships in the strait is threatened, Iran becomes a much stronger player in the Middle East and America's position becomes that much more weakened and compromised because the United States Navy is supposedly willing and able to keep those waters open. The U.S. has not responded to this provocation nor is there any indication that it will do so.

Iran has also certainly taken notice, which means incidents of this sort will increase in frequency and severity as well.

Example number three will be...what? A small scale attack on America, or Israel? An attack on one of America's other allies? An attempt to intimidate or coerce the United States? The possibilities are endless. We can be sure of two things however. The next test will come soon and it will either be violent or have a violent element to it. America's enemies smell blood because they realize President Obama is weak and feckless and the U.S. under his leadership doesn't have the will or the wit to stand up and act in it's own best interests. It doesn't even know what it's best interests are.

The United States is being bullied and bullies only stop when they are forced to. The fact that the U.S. has the largest, most powerful military on earth is irrelevant because it is unwilling to take full advantage of it, even in self defense or in the defense of it's allies. America's enemies are perfectly aware of this. It portends one thing and one thing only...escalating violence against the United States and/or it's friends. Test number three will be worse than test number two, test number four will be worse than test number three and so on. There could easily be a new nuclear arms race, a series of small, localized wars and one very large war- however the scenario plays out there will certainly be a great deal of blood spilled, much if not most of it American.

We can thank Obama for all of that. No country ever protected itself by being weak and President Obama and his hopeless policies are making the U.S. weaker and more vulnerable every day.