Report: Save the Whales and They'll Save Us from Global Warming

Need more proof that Global Warming is the problem to environmentalists’ solutions?  Take a whiff of this.  Researchers from the Australian Antarctic Division have announced that increased whale excrement in our oceans could help fight global warming by encouraging the growth of carbon dioxide-consuming algae.  It seems the iron-rich droppings help spark blooms of phytoplankton, which in turn help regulate the oceans’ carbon sink capabilities.   Researcher Steve Nicol claimed that a larger population of baleen whales in the Southern Ocean would do the trick, but admitted that just how much excrement it would take to have any significant impact remains unknown.   I suspect you’re way ahead of my response to that line, so I’ll save some typing.But all manure is not created equal by greenie standards.  In fact, up until now, animal waste has been right up there with that of internal-combustion engines and coal-fired power...(Read Full Post)