Great News: RNC spends $340,000 on Hawaii junket for staff

This will no doubt help immensely in their fundraising efforts - especially after the late night pole dancers and other expenditures by this crew under Michael Steele. According to Hotline on Call: The RNC spent more than $340K at a semi-annual meeting in Honolulu in Jan., Hotline On Call's Reid Wilson reports. This is the latest example of the party spending lavishly on itself while GOP officials worry they won't have enough money to take advantage of a promising national landscape this fall.According to FEC reports filed late Tuesday, the RNC spent $167K on facilities for the 3-day meeting, which took place at a posh resort in Waikiki. That figure doesn't include rooms and office space for the party employees who staffed the meeting, which added up to at least another $90K.At least 33 RNC staffers and officials made the trip to HI, including top members of the political, communications and research departments, as first reported by Hotline OnCall. Party staff were reimbursed for...(Read Full Post)