Dumb Dems to be Drummed Out

The good news is that we may be on a verge of a wave election where some of the dead wood is removed. Speaking of dead wood, who is the dumbest Democratic Congressman of them all? Two recent nominees:Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia, who is concerned that if more US troops move to Guam, the island will tip over.   For the record, Manhattan's population density is about 100 times that of Guam. We know Manhattan is tipping left, but over?  These new troops are not what Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in "The Tipping Point". Congressman Phil Hare of Illinois, who seems unaware that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are separate documents, and that only one is the law of the land.   I do not understand why Presidents are limited to 8 years in office, but Congressmen and Senators can spend almost all of their adult lives there. Then again, it is safer than being stationed on Guam.  Real Clear Politics provides the current state of...(Read Full Post)