Doctor who posted controversial sign a victim of intolerance

Dr. Jack Cassel, the urologist from Florida who recently made headlines with a controversial sign on his office, is under attack in more ways than one. Because he apparently still has some semblance of legal right to display the sign, the more devious objectors have gone after his reputation., a website where health providers are rated (anonymously, of course), has seen a recent flurry of activity. Cassel has gone from a "Good" rating to a "Poor" rating in a miraculously short amount of time. No doubt his 365 ratings (at the time of writing this article) have something to do with it. Does that number seem unusual to you? Let's compare. Another Urologist (listed by the website under "), Dr. John D Thompson, of Taveres, has...1 rating. Dr. James Young, of Eustis (again, suggested by the site), has 2. You will be hard-pressed, in fact, to find any doctor with more than a handful of ratings on the site. That goes double for a...(Read Full Post)