China's military buildup: What, me worry?

China is rapidly building up its military capabilities, but thanks to changes quietly slipped into law with last year's Defense Authorization law and a National Security Council staff intent of finding sweetness & light in the hearts of the Butchers of Beijing, the latest official report on China's military buildup is stressing cooperation.Bill Gertz of the Washington Times reports in his "Inside the Ring" column:The Pentagon is nearly two months late in releasing its 2010 report on China's military buildup, and defense officials say the White House is holding up the release. According to the officials, National Security Council aides are opposed to publishing new details on China's decade-long buildup of new strategic and conventional missiles, aircraft, warships and other high-tech weapons that the White House deems "provocative." Instead, NSC aides are insisting on inserting language into the annual "Military Power of the People's Republic of...(Read Full Post)