Calling Out David Remnick

New Yorker editor David Remnick's new book smears Jack Cashill, and honest observers are noticing. (Reminick's biography of Barack Obama is discussed today by Jack Cashill).Ron Radosh, who does not accept Cashill's thesis that Bill Ayers did the actual writing for Dreams from my Father, takes Reminck to task at Pajamas Media:... aside from snide comments, Remnick does nothing to take on Cashill's actual arguments. Saying he is part of a "lunatic orbit" is not exactly any kind of a real answer. But he does more....  He calls  Cashill's argument racist! First, he calls the claim that Obama had a ghost writer a "libel" that has a particularly "ugly pedigree." It is this: ... writers like [Frederick] Douglass had to call on white men to authenticate their texts, the better to disprove the antebellum Jack Cashills and Rush Limbaugh ready to declare fraud. Remnick continues to argue that Douglass had to assure white readers that he wrote the...(Read Full Post)