A'jad gives Obama the high sign

OK, this is serious, folks. Obama just got the significant digit from Ahmadinejad. That may sound funny, for the first President of the United States to actually use that famous street gesture in his television debate with Hillary Clinton. But it looks like a really historic moment, with momentous repercussions to come. Obama has bowed to the King of Saudi, to the President of China, and the Emperor of Japan. He's tried the same with Iran, though he hasn't had a chance so far to physically prostrate himself in front of Ayatollah Khamenei, the top mullah in Iran. But time and time again Obama has tried to appease the aggressive, nuke-building Islamofascists in Iran. When Iranian college kids were dying in the streets of Tehran as the regime's thugs drove trucks into the demonstrating crowds, as they were brutally raped and tortured in the prisons, Obama stayed silent. Behind the scenes, this administration has tried to accommodate Ahmadinejad over and over and over again. Israel's...(Read Full Post)