When freedom succumbs to 'necessity'

In December, 2009 the Los Angeles Times editorialized in favor of Sen. Lindsey Graham's and Sen. Charles Schumer's promise to resurrect comprehensive immigration reform. But where is their bill? Internet searches are fruitless and a review of THOMAS -- the Library of Congress' database of pending legislation -- reveals nothing. Yet the bill must exist for it's been discussed in reputable media outlets.At the heart of immigration reform is a biometric national identification card. This card, according to a Wall Street Journal article, will carry embedded personal information used to identify legal workers. The key word is "legal." Sen. Schumer believes the best way to stop illegal immigration is to require legal citizens to register with the state (as if we aren't already). What an insult, not only to our liberty but also to our intelligence.Page 214, Section 274A(a)(7), of the House's immigration reform bill (H.R. 4321) forbids creating a national ID card. Apparently no such...(Read Full Post)