The New March Madness

By BobLee

The Three Top Stories in America last weekend were:

  • Sandra Bullock's Husband Caught Cheating
  • Top Seeds Upset in NCAA Basketball
  • "Historic legislation" rammed thru by Obama's Cronies

Not everyone in America, or even in your own neighborhood, would rank those three stories in the same order of "significance".  There, my Conservative friends, is your answer to "How could what happened happen?"

Sandra Bullock is a fine actress.  She seems to have married a scoundrel.  She is not the first spouse to be "blindsided" in such fashion.  But, at the end of the day, it's just a Hollywood soap opera.

I am a college basketball fan. My team -- North Carolina -- chose this season to "build character" (aka - lose a lot!).  I appreciate March Madness hoopla.   But, at the end of the day - Its just sports.

The historic legislation, on the other hand, impacts every soul in America including the "yet unborn" and even the "never to be permitted to be born".   If Jay Leno jaywalked this "historic legislation", a pitifully small percentage of your fellow Americans could explain "the public option" or any element of ObamaCare.  At the end of the day --  free health care paid for out of "Obama's stash" sure sounds great, huh?

In the hectic aftermath of the historic legislation we are all running about in quite mad hysteria.  Oh me, oh my ..... like so many Very Mad Hatters and White Rabbits screaming "no no no".  I appreciate the circumstance and share the hysteria.  Lets give each other a solid week just to scurry about in indignant outrage. 

Blame the lyin' no-good liberals, of course, because, well because, They Did It.  Also lets blame "Bush fatigue", pitiful old John McCain, RINOs, the mainstream media, Obama's Chicago gang, Obama's brain-dead drone disciples, decades of very effective dumbing-down of public education, over-indulged baby boomers, ..... and you-pick-three other socio-cultural aberrations of your choice.  "Getting away from God" is one of my personal favorites. I'm one of those religious nuts.  What can I say?  

By next week consider putting aside the hand wringing, self-pitying and lamenting; and doing something.  If you don't "do something", a whole lot more "somethings" are going to be "done' to you.  This is just the beginning.

But BobLee .....What to do?

Reading is a great way to jumpstart your day.  Rush is the primo midday "You Are Not Alone" reminder heard across the fruited plain.   Pick whatever other like-minded voices suit your temperament.  Beck, Sean, BO'R, Levin or a host of regional Conservative voices on your local radio dial.  Yes. You DO need those daily shots of Conservative B-12. 

I avoid the local liberal fishwraps.  Haven't watched network news since Huntley said "goodnight" to Brinkley.  I did hear that Rather and Uncle Wally are not around any more.  More proof "There is a God!"

Absorb and share the info you glean via the Internet, radio, FNC, and whatever other sources you use.  Keep your Conservative brothers and sisters upbeat ..... and they you.

Are you a Tea Party Rallier?  Then Rally.  Hold your poster high.  If Town Halls are your venue of choice ..... attend, be courteous, be tough.  Are you are a "call Congress" type? Then call.  If poll watching and neighborhood canvassing fits your style then watch and canvass.  If you've a hankering to run for office yourself, by golly, Go For It.

Research local, state, national candidates you like.  Support them however you are best able.   There will be many many battles to be fought and won in the months to come, well beyond simply "Remember in November".

Or you can simply sit on the curb hoping others will tote the bales and sow the seeds of a Conservative re-surgence.  If too many choose the passive route then this recent "historic legislation" will be compounded by lots more of the same, maybe worse.  TeamObama has a plan and they are working their plan.

Our fathers stormed Normandy and Pacific beaches to preserve our Liberty and Freedom.  God Bless'em - "Mission Accomplished."   Our 2010 venues are not as sandy or as dramatic but the current threat to "our America" is every bit as real. 

If it is to be - it's up to "we".

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