Obamacare: The straw that broke the camel's back

Obama and company have passed the Health Care Reform bill that only 38% of Americans favored, so now Republicans need to be very clear what they plan to do when they regain control of Congress in November.

Since late last summer, when details of the Health Care Reform bill began to leak, public support has declined and opposition sharply increased. Obama's personal popularity has plummeted to a new low of 44%, and he has polarized the nation with 21% more people Strongly Disapprove than Strongly Approve his performance.


The "official" unemployment rate hit 10% in November and has remained there. He revealed himself as a leftist zealot when he abandoned his "laser focus on jobs" that the public wanted to focus exclusively on controlling health care (insurance) as a means to take over one sixth of the economy.


Sunday was a high water mark for Democrat ascendancy and over-reach, and also the "straw that broke the camel's back!" Now is the time to explicitly punish those who voted for this unwanted government takeover by voting them out of office, and replace them with people who will represent their constituent's wishes and not their political party's leftist dream.

When independent-minded people away from the heat of Washington consider the Health Care Reform bill, the question then becomes "Can America get along without a President?" Republicans would be well served to articulate their plans to repair the damage done by Obama: repeal the TARP; repeal the "stimulus" spending; and repeal the Health Care Reform bill before all the money is spent and irreparable damage is done to our economy. The good news about the health care reform bill is that the taxes begin immediately while benefits don't kick in for several years, so a quick repeal will stop only the financial pain.


It is time for voters to be heard and their ideas for the country to guide policy and not a left wing agenda that was hidden during the election campaign. It is time to return to individual freedoms, free market capitalism, and American exceptionalism and "Throw the bums out of Congress." "We the People" will have to learn how to run the country for two years while the lame duck President keeps the seat warm in the Oval Office and finishes his term.



David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY

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