The consequences of the US-Russian START treaty

In an announcement with much fanfare, the President told the world that a new nuclear weapons deal has been reached with Russia. 

We have talked about the strategic implications of this agreement before.  Ironically today's developments off the Korean peninsula underscore just how dangerous the world is and how wrong Obama is.One of the Russian "wins" in the proposed treaty is that it ties nuclear weapons to defensive non nuclear deployments, for the first time.  While this language is "non binding" it gives a clear indication of how the Obama administration will act.  Expect the President to limit defensive deployments like the missile shield that was canceled in Eastern Europe.

Rogue states like Iran continue to strive for nuclear weapons in defiance of "words that matter." Such words didn't stop the rogue state of North Korea from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and now it is
threatening to use them against the United States.  Is this anytime to signal to the world that we are willing to pull back on anti-missile technology and defensive weaponry?

The Obama administration and liberals foreign policy reminds me of the parents on the reality show
Super Nanny. The parents on these shows have invariably spoiled their children and do not provide structure or consequences for bad behavior.  The world, led by Europe and President Obama have shown to the scoundrels of the world that there are no consequences to their actions.  When there are real consequences you get real results (see Libya's reaction after the invasion of Iraq).  North Korea and Iran are just like petulant children but engaged in a nuclear arms race. The temper tantrums of these nations could start a world war.
Too bad we don't have a leader that understands what the Super Nanny does - bad behavior must have real consequences or else you only get more bad behavior

-Aaron Gee