Pelosi's curious reading of our Declaration of Independence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is famous for that rictus of a smile that in others might be thought a veil of inscrutability.  But in Nancy's case we never have to worry about her misleading us.  She thinks and breathes Big Government boilerplate.  Indeed, she is always jubilant about knowing better than you or me how we should live.  She was at her priceless best the morning after the "healthcare vote," when The New York Times quoted her thus:

"Last night we made history.  We honored the vows of our founders who in the Declaration of Independence talked about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We believe that the legislation we have passed gives all the people in our country the liberty to have healthier lives."

Who knew?  Through all the history of our country and through all the vicissitudes of this year-long "debate" we were all so close to a new "liberty."  All that was needed was for us to stop fussing and let the government confer it upon us.  We are now free to lead healthier lives. Thanks, Nancy! 

I ought to feel a lot better but somehow I don't.  How about you?