Public Sector Unions and their Political Donations

Governments across the nation, including the one headquartered in Washington, D.C., are approaching their fiscal death throes. Most of the states that are on life-support got transfusions from the stimulus bill that showered money on areas painted blue on the political map. Liberal, Democrat-voting states are the ones spilling the most red ink because they follow policies that are inimical to their fiscal health dictated by special interest groups. Each budget should come stamped with a warning "passing of this budget will harm the pocketbooks and future of our state's citizens."  The result? Taxes soar; credit ratings plummet (causing states to have to pay higher interest rates on the debt they float) and the death spiral begins, as businesses and productive workers vote with their feet and move to more congenial climates. Why do politicians kill states? Perhaps because they cater to and are in hock to the public sector unions who line their pockets with campaign...(Read Full Post)