Pro-democracy Iran activists accomplish more than the Obama administration

We have had one year of dilly-dallying by the Obama administration on efforts to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. The Obama team has ignored its own deadlines; weakened efforts at sanctions; delayed and derailed efforts in Congress to tighten the screws on Iran; and generally, just bowed and scraped and begged for a handshake and photo opportunity with the mad mullahs.Leadership of various established activist groups concerned about Iran have had about as much luck engaging with the Obama team as Obama has had trying to engage with Tehran. What should concerned people do? We live in the era of the tea party. People can take the reins of power and bring about change. All it takes is some gumption, courage, and creativity. One activist group, United Against a Nuclear Iran , has shown the way. They have persuaded Caterpillar to stop dealing with Iran with a billboard and a dollop of shame.  Caterpillar Inc. has prohibited its non-U.S. subsidiaries from accepting orders known...(Read Full Post)