Massa and the military

Eric Massa's sudden scandalous prominence has exposed some awkward facts for leftists.  We introduced you to David Bellavia in one of our recent posts.  On Wednesday, Bellavia gave us five clear reasons why disgraced N.Y. Democrat Congressman Eric Massa is not fit to serve in any capacity...for any outfit.  Read it to the end and you'll be rewarded. Writing from Western New York State, where Massa is from, he writes: "Today, an entire region is wondering what we did to be the laughing stock of the nation."In addition, in his post, Bellavia explains that Navy veteran Massa was endorsed by a self-described "veterans political action committee" called Vote Vets:Vote Vets is led by tough guys like Jon Soltz, a veteran of four months of duty in a division extended for fifteen months in Iraq. [S]ince 2006, Vote Vets (click here for the This Ain't Hell breakdown) has lied about Body Armor issues in a multi-million dollar campaign commercial used...(Read Full Post)