Oh, that inconvenient growing polar ice cap

Global warmists continue to circulate alarming warnings that the past winter was among the warmest on record. See, for example, Andrew Freeman's March 15 article in the Washington Post entitled " D.C.'s winter was cold, but the globe stayed toasty".  Somehow the Arctic Ocean did not get the memo. See here for an update on the rapidly growing extent of the polar ice cap throughout March 2010. Remember, ice-water is used to calibrate thermometers (zero Celsius). Polar ice therefore a much more reliable, widespread indicator of global temperature than the geographically-limited, fallible, error-prone network--array of thermometers employed by the "Climate Research" community. Indeed the March sea-ice extent is now well within two standard deviations of the "baseline" set in the period 1979-2000 -- outside of which is touted on this website as an indication for extreme alarm. It is clear from the official "commentary" here that the authors are...(Read Full Post)