Obama should be the last one to 'cast the first stone' in Israel-PA talks

A certain person who lived in Judea some 2,000 years ago once saw a crowd of righteous gentlemen who were about to stone a woman caught in a compromising situation, and uttered this advice: "Let him who is without sin throw the first stone." People love to hurl stones at the guilty. It makes them feel good, turning them as it does into defenders of goodliness and righteousness - even if, as the above-mentioned gentleman observed, they are themselves not altogether blameless.Here is the latest instance, coming from exactly the same geographical location as the first one. Per a Haaretz report , President Barack Obama decided to actively mediate in stalled negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority aimed at creating the Palestinian state - and furthermore, he promised to apportion blame in case of the failure of those American-mediated indirect negotiation and to throw a stone at the guilty party (which threat, in the diplomatic parlance used by our President in...(Read Full Post)