New natural Climate change discovery in the Arctic

As AGW advocates employ various Rope-a-Dope survival strategies after the knockout barrage of Climategate, scientists have unearthed the existence of possibly another major contributor in the blame game of climate change which could trump all the previous bogeymen. The real cuplrit? Natural causes. Gregory Mone of AOL News has the latest developments: Scientists have uncovered a powerful source of a leading greenhouse gas that is venting into the atmosphere at unprecedented rates. The permafrost beneath the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, a relatively shallow section of the Arctic Ocean, has been pumping 7.7 million tons of methane into the air each year -- roughly the amount released into the atmosphere by the rest of the world's oceans combined.The researchers, who report their work in the March 5 issue of Science, caution that their findings in this previously unstudied region raise more questions than answers. The amount of methane released, though higher than expected, represents...(Read Full Post)