Lloyd Marcus Update from the road with the Tea Party Express

Hi Folks, Lloyd here.Day two of Tea Party Express tour III. Yesterday, we launched in Searchlight NV, Harry Reid's town. Sarah Palin was awesome as usual. Even though I had just performed and was still standing at the foot of the stage, I only got to chat a bit with Todd, Sarah's husband. Great guy! The Secret Service and the crowds, made it almost impossible for me to get to Sarah. Still, I was able to make eye contact and a brief handshake with Sarah. The people absolutely love her.Our Searchlight kick off rally was a wonderful madhouse of activity. The location was a dust bowl: not the best venue for such an event. And yet, spirits were high and the atmosphere was electric.At the rallies, I perform my original "American Tea Party Anthem" song and more. I usually walk among the crowds when I am not on stage. I have attended over 100 tea parties across America and the crowds are all the same; bright, well informed, decent and hard working Americans. Today, at our St....(Read Full Post)