Organizing the Coffee Party

When I heard about Annabel Park's grassroots coffee party movement and her background in the Obama campaign it piqued my curiosity. The two most recent Obamaganda projects; pro-Obama letters to the editor (see Ellie Light) and the even less successful pro-Obamacare push on the conservative talk radio airwaves, were reliant on individual action supported and inspired by the future former president's propaganda machine. The coffee party movement represents a shift back towards the sort of large scale community organizing that helped Team Obama win in 2008.The Coffee Party USA website gave the time and locations of the March 13th "National Coffee Party Day" meetings and after some consideration I registered for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin event. Saturday morning I drove to the Alterra Café. As soon as my PGTOB (pre government take-over Buick) entered the parking lot I knew that this was the right place, there wasn't an SUV, Truck or full size domestic car to be seen. I...(Read Full Post)