Is government at all levels falling apart?

Government services will be cut at every level. Potholes will deepen, infra-structure problems will worsen, pension plans will become insolvent, school systems will declare bankruptcy, police and fire protection will be reduced, etc. etc. You will be "nickled and dimed" in terms of new fees and taxes. Public unions will strike, providing further disruption. But when there are no funds, there is nothing to gain.  A friend is outraged over his North Carolina state income tax refund. He has been waiting for 5 months, and there is no sign that it is forthcoming. This outrage is likely to be viewed eventually as merely an inconvenience compared to what is coming. Brace yourselves. Similar outcomes will appear at the Federal level. Cutbacks of postal services are coming. At some point Social Security benefits may be cut. Ditto for Medicare and Medicaid. Welfare programs may eventually have to be restructured to...(Read Full Post)