Iraq election results

The Institute for the Study of War projects the Iraq election results: The race is extremely tight; Maliki's election list has a slim lead but his return as the Prime Minister is not a done deal. He still needs to form a governing coalition with at least one other large block," explained Mrs. Sullivan. "This will make for contentious negotiations. " "Former Prime Minister and secular politician, Ayad al-Allawi, is currently in second place with his Iraqiyyah list, a coalition with cross sectarian parties," said ISW President Kimberly Kagan. "If Maliki's rivals ally with Allawi, we could see a new governing coalition and a new Prime Minister which could dramatically reshape Iraqi politics." [snip]Key facts from the report: * Currently, Prime Minister Maliki's State of Law coalition is in the lead with roughly 75-82 seats. * Ayad al-Allawi's Iraqiyyah list is in second with 66-74 seats. * The predominantly-Shi'a Iraqi National Alliance is in...(Read Full Post)